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About Us.

Japan-Turkmenistan Cooperation was founded as a conglomerate of minds and ideals between a Japanese businessman, and a Turkmen entrepreneur.

The goal was to develop strong ties between the two countries, enabling small to medium businesses to grow and have a higher chance of success.

Now, the cooperative manages the assets of 3 businesses handling multiple portfolios across the globe.

Our Philosophy

Continually striving to be the best, Japan-Turkmenistan Cooperation is committed to managing high-quality assets and portfolios of local and domestic businesses. We always seek to extend our efforts beyond providing outstanding support to those who need them.

Our mission is to obtain the highest quality competitive standard in business and portfolio management, to assure growth and prosperity across all verticals we oversee between Japan and Turkmenistan.

Our Mission

Nobuyuki Suwa

President and Founder

Having years worth of solid experience and the wisdom to prove it, Nobuyuki or Nobuyuki-san – as referred to by his peers –  leads the way forward towards the vision and mission of Japan- Turkmenistan Cooperation.

Dedicating himself to, nothing, but the solid belief that bridging Japan and Turkmenistan can lead the way towards continuous growth and prosperity in the future – Nobuyuki-san will see to it, that we make it happen!

Ravshan Rahmanov

COO and Co-Founder

With over a decade worth of business management experience, and the entrepreneurial spirit to drive forward against all odds; the cooperation’s heart and soul, Ravshan or Rav – as his peers refer to him, will cross all bounds to achieve results.

Focused on one thing, and that is the success of the enterprise between Japan and Turkmenistan, and all businesses handled by the cooperative, Rav will stop at nothing to make it happen!


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