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Sourcing The Best Start-Ups Between Japan and Turkmenistan

With over 50 years worth of experience, collectively, in sourcing and managing assets across a wide variety of business verticals and nichés – Japan-Turkmenistan Cooperation proves that the way to unified global entrepreneurship is just a milestone away.

The Gates Of Hell

There’s an instinct in all of us. All humans feel it. The instinct to try something new. The rush of adrenaline in your blood as you leap from an airplane to the skies, or the jump that your heart makes during the millisecond you realize it’s 9 am and you woke up 2...

6 Travel Tips To Make Your Trips Hassle-Free

We’ve all been there: you just reached your dream travel destination. You’re excited and all but something feels off. The hassles of travel can get in the way of having a good time while on a trip. One or two or three things can go wrong and poof! There goes your...

A Taste of Sacred Nan

Bread: soft, crunchy, flaky, dry, savory. Bread is perhaps the most versatile food man has ever had. We’ve been baking since at least 30,000 years ago and it is the most consumed food all over the world. We have so many ways of making bread and have come up with so...

Japan: Land of The Rising Sun

The first time I was in Japan was in May of 2015. I was there with a couple of friends, visiting our other friend (and business partner) who was there for the premiere of George Clooney's Tomorrowland. I'm not going to get into the details of it all but I will tell...

Remnants of Silken Glory

Contrary to popular belief, the Silk Road was not a single road but a series of routes connecting China to Europe used by traders from the 1st Century B.C. to the 15th Century A.D. and they were not simply trading in silk either. Aside from this, goods such as trade...


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